Living The Vapor

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“…..For what is your life? It is even a VAPOR that appears for a little time and then vanishes away”  James 4:14

I woke up this morning in the midst of my jubilee journey feeling extremely vulnerable.  I had another stint in the hospital this week and the reality of how short life is really hit me.  Its not the first time, but I need to entertain it now.  Life is so so so short and I take it for granted so often.  I guess most of us do, but few will admit to it.

I have even had three suicide attempts in my life because I allowed darkness and the cares of this world to choke life out of me.  It was the love of God that kept me alive and told me to LIVE!

I find myself dreaming like I have never dreamed before as if I was only 18 years old; I wonder why God is giving me so many dreams at this ripened age of 50 years old.  I have business ideas, creative art ideas, meeting new & interesting people, wearing make up and I am really groovy now….(smiling).

Most of all I deeply desire to travel the world and make a real difference in the lives of others.  God has given me the grace and the boldness to GO wherever He directs me to go; its exciting!

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I don’t know what the rest of my short life will be like, but I want to live this vapor and love God…love people…travel and create art.


Living The Vapor!

Reality Check October 2014

“I would love to live in a perfect world, but I don’t. All too often my culture feeds the illusion that perfection is within my grasp. Even the church contributes to the myth and seems to suggest that dreams really do come true. If you follow the formula for right Christian living, we are told, you too can have the perfect marriage, perfect children, perfect health, the perfect home, the perfect career, and plenty of money. A conflict-free life awaits the faithful follower of Jesus. This myth is more widespread and much closer to home than most of us are willing to admit. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish Cinderella’s Magic Kingdom from the kingdom of God.”
Excerpt From: Carolyn Custis James. “Half the Church.” Zondervan, 2010.

The above quote rocked my world this morning as I sat quietly in the presence of God and thought about the thousands of young girls crying out throughout the globe right now….this very minute….while many of us in America spend precious time worrying about SELF and what we will wear and eat.

The truth is that we will ALL die and in the end ALL WE GET IS GOD. All we get is to come face-to-face with a living and Almighty God who will show us the true condition of our hearts.


This is what we ALL have in common – DEATH. We forget that the blood that runs through our veins is the same color in spite of our external shades. Many pretend that God does not exist so that they can do their best to ignore REALITY. Truth cannot be ignored!

The Word of God is The Final Authority and the life written upon the pages is all truth that cannot be changed. The words on the pages of our Holy Bible unfold each and everyday.

James 1:27 is the heartbeat of God’s infinite love. This life is not about us as individuals at all. IT is about “them”….not you…..but “all others”.

I say to the Lovers of Jesus “wake up” and reach, teach and love unto death!

I say to those who wear the “semblance mask”, this life is not about you and what you want. Its about helping those who cannot help themselves.

REALITY CHECK….life was never meant to be perfect, but to be loved by loving one another from God’s PERFECT heart.

Eseosa Akinyi Rain


Biten By His Love

No one has seen God at any time. If we LOVE one another, GOD abides in us, and HIS LOVE has been perfected in us.  1 John 4:12


God in His mercy has allowed me to travel the world since the age of 17 years old.  I have seen many things and met many, many, many wonderful people from various cultures.  Because I started traveling at such a young age I sort of took it for granted and I missed the beauty of what God was showing me about myself and others.  Life passed me by for so many years because of my extreme selfishness and greed.  I have not forgotten my many journeys, but I am unable to articulate what I saw and felt.

Since I have started my Jubilee Journey I have opened my heart to take life more seriously and to truly bring my heart and mind before the Lord on a daily basis.  I am learning that my life is not about me at all.  His love has bitten me in a way I would have never imagined.  I have never known love like this.

First of all to think that He first loved me enough to prepare the way for me to receive His love into my selfish heart one day… blows my mind!


Now all I can think about is reaching out beyond myself and sharing the love of Jesus with other people.  I think about my girls (daughters) in Kenya every single day.  Just in one village alone, there are over 2000 orphans who simply need someone to love them.  James 1:27 is my mission in life and I pray every day for strength from Heaven to do all that is within me to pray, reach, teach and love them.

I have had the honor of meeting so many wonderful people during my art exhibits and people really do care and they want to hear about the mission and what is going on in other nations.


PLEASE pray with me that people who see my blogs, website and FB page will reach beyond themselves and GIVE.  Even if its $5 or $5000.00, every dime helps.  The needs are so great right now and God has blessed us to live in a very blessed nation and WE can make a difference when we work together.

PLEASE go to my website: and make a donation today.  I must return to Nairobi, Kenya by mid-December 2014 in order to secure the land and build homes for these beautiful young girls.

I have been bitten by His love.

Eseosa Rain

A Surface Reality

These words have been in my spirit for three months now and I finally decided to entertain them as I lay in bed with a migraine headache. The words “A Surface Reality”……..As a woman of God, lover of Jesus and full of His Holy Spirit, when I hear words or sense things in my heart, I know that my Heavenly Father wants to talk to me. Its just a matter of being still long enough and opening up my heart to listen and receive.

Sometimes I have the most difficult time just being still. I live in a world and environment where its constant movement and everyone going “no where” fast.

The Word of God says that “life is a vapor”, what if I really believe this word. What if I wake up with this word at the forefront of my mind each day; what if I intentionally pursued a deeper relationship and encounter with my Creator, the LORD of my life.

Living a “surface reality” is easy because we don’t have to do any inner self examination or seek the truth about who we really are. We can wear various masks depending on who we are interacting with at the time.

A surface reality is a “false truth”.


Since I began this wonderful journey I have been through many trying times, but the trying times forced me to remove the many masks I have worn over the years in order to survive.

God in His mercy introduced me to the world of art 2.5 years ago and my life has not been the same.

The piece above is called “Taking Off The Mask” and it is one of my favorite pieces because it was created out of a desperate place of wanting to live life from a deeper place of reality and no longer on the surface.

And the only way to do that is to be completely, brutally honest with myself. it has not been a pretty picture but it has been liberating .

Thank you for reading this and brace yourself for more to come. I am so excited about this New Year 5775 and all the open doors our God has opened and no man can close!

Akinyi Nafula Eesosa Rain

Reality of James 1:27

From Ann Voskamp Blog:

Because for such a time as now, we can testify the blazing epiphany of it: If you’re not able to give joyfully and sacrificially, that tells you there is something awry with you and God relationally.

Because for such a time as now, we’ve seen and we are now response-able and we’re ready to be done with having bloated building budgets while African mothers have bloated babies dying in their arms.

Because for such a time as now, we’ve fed on the feast Who is Christ Himself, and we’re ready to be done with ruining our appetites for God on the cardboard calories of cheap consumerism.

We’ve held our hands high on Sunday mornings and we’ve sang it loud that our Jesus is all we need, so we’re literally done with living ditty la-la-la lives and we’re ready to live The Aslan Roar of Real Disciples:

We don’t want comfort.
We want Christ who is comfort,
we want danger that defies safe so people get saved,
we want freedom that flies in the face of fear,
and we want justice that must rise at any cost, because Jesus has risen and He paid the unfathomable price.


😪😥….Lord I give you my heart in exchange for Yours

Dying to James 1:27

It’s been 11 months since I started my jubilee journey and God has blessed me to travel to three continents this year and to meet some amazing people. All I can do is say “thank you Jesus!”

Our LORD is so faithful. Words cannot explain how broken I am right now. This past Biblical year (New Year for me started 9/25/14) has been a year of self examination and allowing my mind to really search out my heart. I allowed the struggle to take place in my inner man.

I call it the James 1:27 transformation; becoming compassion, mercy and love, not just talking about it.

While in Nairobi Kenya in June & July 2014 visiting the orphanage I support, I fell deeper in love with God’s beautiful children. Please visit and see the amazing work Father is doing.

God also opened up a new ministry opportunity for me while in Kenya. The host home that I stayed in was the home of an amazing couple, Claxon and Carol Tudor. We instantly connected as Mother and children. It was like I had given birth to the both of them.

God has anointed them to rescue vulnerable girls under the age of 16 years old. They are presently rescuing girls from sex slavery in nearby villages. There are over 2000 girls who are total orphans. When I was introduced to this awesome ministry, my heart melted. I could hear God’s voice scream James 1:27 in my heart.

We have gotten approval for our own non-profit status in Kenya and I am the Vice President of James 1:27 Strategic Missions Kenya.

We have put a down payment on an acre of land because we MUST build a house where these precious girls can call home. The vision is to disciple them for Christ, teach them life skills, provide safe environment, education and showering them with God’s amazing love.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to pay the land off and start building the house. We NEED HELP NOW.

PLEASE go to and click on the “James 1:27″ tab, then click the “DONATE” button.

Pray that 100 lovers of Jesus donate $50 each.

Thank you so very much and please pray for my team and our precious girls




PATIENCE…….help Lord!

Patience is that which gives you the stability to become what God has ordained you to become. Patience is the best prescription for discouragement. Patience is a tremendous virtue. Patience will guide one through tough times with determination and a smile. But we must see our need for patience. When we begin to see our need for patience, we would also see the need to cry out to God everyday for help. It is only through Him that we can master the discipline of “being still and seeing the salvation of The Lord.”


Patience is confidence in demonstration; an assurance that all has to work out well no matter what. It is waiting with EXPECTATION. I have heard the word “expectation” a lot in this season os shifting and movement. I am learning rapidly that I NEED PATIENCE in order to EXPECT something great to happen. It seems like everything negative that can happen is happening. So much hate, division, death and destruction globally right now, yet our God is greater and we must know this deep down in our hearts.

But when what we see is totally contrary to what is promised to come, we have to honestly cry out to God that we need help. Help to see through His eyes.


Patience (waiting on God) is what makes us complete. True patience is developed through trails and tests as we wait for the promise of God Almighty to be fulfilled.