Dying to James 1:27

It’s been 11 months since I started my jubilee journey and God has blessed me to travel to three continents this year and to meet some amazing people. All I can do is say “thank you Jesus!”

Our LORD is so faithful. Words cannot explain how broken I am right now. This past Biblical year (New Year for me started 9/25/14) has been a year of self examination and allowing my mind to really search out my heart. I allowed the struggle to take place in my inner man.

I call it the James 1:27 transformation; becoming compassion, mercy and love, not just talking about it.

While in Nairobi Kenya in June & July 2014 visiting the orphanage I support, I fell deeper in love with God’s beautiful children. Please visit
http://www.happylifechildrenshome.com and see the amazing work Father is doing.

God also opened up a new ministry opportunity for me while in Kenya. The host home that I stayed in was the home of an amazing couple, Claxon and Carol Tudor. We instantly connected as Mother and children. It was like I had given birth to the both of them.

God has anointed them to rescue vulnerable girls under the age of 16 years old. They are presently rescuing girls from sex slavery in nearby villages. There are over 2000 girls who are total orphans. When I was introduced to this awesome ministry, my heart melted. I could hear God’s voice scream James 1:27 in my heart.

We have gotten approval for our own non-profit status in Kenya and I am the Vice President of James 1:27 Strategic Missions Kenya.

We have put a down payment on an acre of land because we MUST build a house where these precious girls can call home. The vision is to disciple them for Christ, teach them life skills, provide safe environment, education and showering them with God’s amazing love.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to pay the land off and start building the house. We NEED HELP NOW.

PLEASE go to http://www.GarnerPrayerFurnace.com and click on the “James 1:27″ tab, then click the “DONATE” button.

Pray that 100 lovers of Jesus donate $50 each.

Thank you so very much and please pray for my team and our precious girls




PATIENCE…….help Lord!

Patience is that which gives you the stability to become what God has ordained you to become. Patience is the best prescription for discouragement. Patience is a tremendous virtue. Patience will guide one through tough times with determination and a smile. But we must see our need for patience. When we begin to see our need for patience, we would also see the need to cry out to God everyday for help. It is only through Him that we can master the discipline of “being still and seeing the salvation of The Lord.”


Patience is confidence in demonstration; an assurance that all has to work out well no matter what. It is waiting with EXPECTATION. I have heard the word “expectation” a lot in this season os shifting and movement. I am learning rapidly that I NEED PATIENCE in order to EXPECT something great to happen. It seems like everything negative that can happen is happening. So much hate, division, death and destruction globally right now, yet our God is greater and we must know this deep down in our hearts.

But when what we see is totally contrary to what is promised to come, we have to honestly cry out to God that we need help. Help to see through His eyes.


Patience (waiting on God) is what makes us complete. True patience is developed through trails and tests as we wait for the promise of God Almighty to be fulfilled.


Rate Your Pain…..1-10

I have heard that request over 500 times in the past 4 weeks and I am tired of it.  

Living with Chronic pain and illness does something to your ability to respond the way people expect you to respond. There is no “normal”, there is only pain.

The pain scale has been predetermined by some unknown source and I find it quite annoying and unfair. In most cases the pain I endure is beyond 10, yet I am forced to keep my response within the guidelines of the invisible unknown source.  

Lately I have decided that I will not adhere to the pain scale of the invisible “pain management” source.  I rate my pain at 14, 15, 18 and sometimes 20….why? because it is what I AM REALLY FEELING as the blood vessels in my brain expand and pulsate, eyes go blur and vertigo takes over. Its definitely not a 10….not even close.  

Today, suddenly at 12:32pm; I cannot explain why, nor will I try.  After giving the blood thirsty lab person two tubes of blood and saying “thank you” because its the polite thing to do.  Its polite to say “thank you” to someone for forcing a long needle into my thick dark skin, which has amazing resistant consistency to it…….and watching my tired vein roll to the left and right, trying its best to dodge the needle.  Then “jackpot”, my vein finally surrenders, as I am thinking in my head “you know the routine Miss vein so calm done and be still”.  

Back to the suddenly……a sharp pain causally, without warning, invited itself into an area near my right rib cage and liver location. It quickly spread itself out across and down my entire torso and took over both legs within 7 minutes.  I tried my best to quickly get to my car before someone noticed that I was about to bend over and eventually lose my ability to walk on my painful legs. 

I made it to the car and thank God that my faithful BFF was my driver today. I slide down in the seat and I could hear voices in my head asking the question…..”whats your pain level?”  I literally started a two-way conversation in my head about rating my pain.  It was 10, 12, 14, 16, then 26!  As a tear rolled down my face, I closed my eyes and there He was…..my Comforter.


My pain level went from 26 to Deep Sleep.



Jubilee Journey Under The Sea At 50

This beautiful breathtaking geographical region of the Caribbean Sea and Islands have truly fascinated my five senses and taken my heart hostage. The diverseness of people is something I have never seen with my human eyes. Belize is most definitely heterogeneousness. The myriad of skin tones and hair textures are infinite.  There is no racism here, just the freedom to intermingle without restraints.

Our God is the consummate Artist, revealing His supreme mastery of skills by planting and showcasing a palm tree a midst white sand and crystal clear ocean water.

Allow me to try to articulate my experience snorkeling under the sea, if it’s even possible to put into words.

Firstly, my mind has yet to comprehend the very idea that Abba gave me the courage to submerse myself under the ocean when I lack the basic skills of swimming. The one hour small boat ride to the Island was the story of the disciples on the boat with Jesus and the waves were inflicting corporal punishment with repeated blows.  My body took a beating as the waves bounced us up and down and all around. We had no control, only God had the control. My bladder made the decision to eliminate its contents twice, yet it went unnoticed because the waves had completely soaked our clothing. Our 19 year old guide was extremely skilled at maneuvering this small vessel; he decided to side track the waves and not approach the Laughing Bird Island straight on, in order to avoid devastating waves that could possibly overturn our boat.  The sea was in control.

Within minutes of arriving at the Island we were briefed on the history of this beautiful piece of land mass and the radically distinctive creatures that called Laughing Bird Island their home. When the unfamiliar birds look at you and release their unique sound they appear to be laughing.  The posted rules of the Island read Take Pictures and Leave your footprints.  In summation the rules meant that we were free to take photographs but could not remove anything from the Island, not even a grain of sand.  This beautiful piece of creation is protected from the destruction of man.

I dressed in my flippers and head piece snorkel gear, totally unaware of what to expect. I chose not to ask questions because I did not want to entertain the element of fear that hovered over my head. I approached this feat like a child totally ignorant to what would come next. The teacher/guide grabbed me by my hand and led me to the deep blue, crystal clear water.  He instructed me to walk backwards because it is difficult to walk forward in flippers without tripping and landing swiftly on your face.

As we walked farther out into the water I could see the colorful coral reef and shadows of various fish dancing around in the deep blue, green, aqua, breathtaking water.  Once the water was waist high, my heart began to race and the fear that hovered wanted to pounce upon me with a vengeance; as I looked toward my guide I heard Holy Spirit say “I am right here with you and I will not let you go”. 

The gentle and patient guide instructed me to place the mouth piece of my head gear into my mouth and bite around it tightly and practice breathing out of my mouth only. Breathing out of my nose at that point was not an option. I said a quick prayer and the presence of my Lord overwhelmed me. I place my head under the water and felt panicky at first because I wanted to use my nose, but my five senses relaxed and the power of God took over. I became one with the ocean. I felt empowered.

My guide instructed me to float on my belly and to grab his hand and that I did.  And he guided me through the various coral reef and I was one with the underwater creatures who were many colors, textures and breeds. I relaxed enough to pull my underwater camera from my swim suit and started snapping pictures. I was enthralled, astonished by the vastness and majesty of the floor of this ocean. It was true living art.  Only the Creator of Heaven and Earth could cultivate such artistic creation. I began to weep.  What my eyes beheld brought forth untapped emotions.  I wanted more.  I paused and tugged on his hand and asked to go farther out after surfacing for air.  I stood and glanced out upon the ocean and my guide requested that I remained under water for indefinite period of time and to trust him. So I trusted Abba instead.

Once we went back under, I reached for his hand and I saw an angelic figure and the Holy Spirit said “I will never leave you nor forsake you”.  Freedom was released in my heart and a snorkeling human fish I became for 30 minutes. Then I surfaced and went to the white sand and sat and communed with my Heavenly Father.  I love you Jesus!

The boat ride home was not as rough, but the waves were much higher and drenched all of us. We gave two of the Island keepers a boat ride back to the marina. We went from having four passengers to having six.  Maybe the extra weight assisted in a smoother ride.

What an extraordinary experience in Belize!  I give my God ALL of the Glory and Honor!

Can God Trust You?

Can God trust you with greatness and favor? The question is not “can God be trusted?” But can God trust you?

Can God trust you to accomplish great projects and tasks for Him? Can He trust you with resources to administer on His behalf?

Are you really trustworthy?

People who don’t trust God don’t win His trust either.

TESTING ensures that what God gives you, you sustain it. Job was in the midst of trial when the word was spoken that he would be greatly increased. Job said He knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.

The word of God says that Joseph was tried….Until the time that his word came: the word of the Lord tried him.

The Bible declares that a faithful man abounds in blessing. There is a scriptural progression before you are described as faithful. The word says that many are called but few are chosen.

You are first called, then chosen, but you must be Faithful to sustain and consistently walk in divine favor.

It is increasingly difficult to trust anybody in our day, so can you even trust yourself? I can honestly say that I refuse to trust me anymore because my ways are so far from His ways.

Personal integrity may have gone out of fashion in this century, yet it has not become impossible. It is something worth striving for, because it makes you a happier and more attractive person inside and out.

Personal integrity is the antidote to the collapse of morality, the break-up of families and the rising side of violence taking over our nation. Things will not get better unless we get better. Nothing is more needed by this sinful world than a revival of simple goodness and genuine uprightness (righteousness before God).

God looks at the heart. Jesus says that everything done secretly would be rewarded openly – good or bad!

If we look at the story of Joseph we will see that he “purposed” not to sin against God. He did not fear Potiphar, he feared God. He knew God was watching. What do you do when no one is watching? Are you conscious of God’s gaze upon you?

What are you doing to ensure you are pleasing to the Master? Heaven is our audience and Jesus is the standard.

Before God trust us, He tests us. We must count it all joy in this season of severe trials and testing because if we receive it with the right heart we shall be promoted in Him. Beloved, God will satisfy you with every good thing. Though your beginning was small your latter end shall greatly increase.

We must let every setback be a set up for a comeback.

God brings men into deep waters, not to drown them, but to cleanse them”.
John H. Aughey

No doubt that we will come out of our many tests and trials better than the finest gold.

Akinyi Nafula Eseosa RainFire

Think of The Beauty In Everything Around You…..

Anne Frank said “Think of the Beauty in Everything Around You and Be Happy”.

Considering what she was going through when she wrote those words, she knew exactly what she was speaking to the world. I am learning in the midst of so much physical pain that God’s beauty surrounds me all of the time. I have to take my focus off the pain long enough to look up and see Him.



Its not easy to see beyond the pain you feel and look for beauty. Yet, there is beauty in the pain because the pain has a purpose. Pain always lead to a birth in the spiritual and natural.

On the other side of pain is joy. So I wait. Because my joy shall come in the morning.

I am happy. Happy to see the flowers in bloom;
Happy to see a large rock sitting there with no particular purpose.
Happy to see an old canoe resting next to a coconut tree.
Happy to see and hear the waves roar as I lay in my hammock.


Happy to see a turtle under water, enjoying an evening swim.
Happy to meet new people from a different culture
Happy to have the ability to scratch the fresh mosquito bite on my leg.


My prayer today is: Lord give me the grace to look up and see Your beauty in everything.