My Journey

The more this year progresses the more I realize that I am on a very unique journey leading up to my 50th year of life. I am very intentional about noticing the things in life that can easily fall under our radar as Americans because we are so busy doing nothing most of the time. I wake up hearing the sounds of birds and the pace of my heartbeat. When i notice my heartbeat I find myself thinking…”how could a mere human say there is no God”……who else could create a body with a complex organ like our hearts. I have a lot of pain in my right knee now, yet I am grateful that I have the gift of feeling, which enables me to feel the pain and the pain confirms I still have legs. This past week was the week of the Boston Marathon bombings and so many people lost their legs and other limbs. They woke up with no idea that their lives were about to change forever, for some in the worst kind of way. For others, they see how precious life is now and they will forever spread God’s love to others. I find myself lacking patience for things that do not matter and play no role in eternity. I think that through the gift of art and expression that my Father God is transforming me into His beautiful Daughter of Zion.
I want to be conformed to the image of the lover of my soul, Yahshua. I have a long way to go, but His grace will carry me…..selah


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