Our God Is Merciful

This week I have been experiencing God’s mercy this week. I am in the midst of some transitions and very excited because I have to totally TRUST God. I am moving to one bedroom apartment to downsize and simplify my life so that I can give more. I want James 1:27 to become my lifestyle. Of course the changes are not easy, but I notice that I grow internally when I do hard things and choose God’s perfect will over my will. I am naturally selfish without the Spirit of God living within me. And His Spirit is teaching me to love others and esteem others above myself. We are selling all ministry properties and focusing on what is most important and it is definitely not bigger buildings and large number of people. It is forsaking all and simply following Christ. My son is the Sr Pastor now and I am so honored to serve him and to see what God is going to do in this Joshua generation.

And MY ART!  Yeah God! I can sense that I will have a studio and gallery soon. I am working daily in my present studio and asking questions and learning daily. I am having to much fun. I love creating. Please check out my site: http://www.POEMixedMediaArt.com


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