My Journey To Life of Simplicity

Today is Sunday, August 4, 2013 and I am presently in my new ONE bedroom apartment, really wanting to be in our 4pm EGS service right now. However, I had surgery on my right knee this past Tuesday and it has been in much pain, plus I am having migraine headaches because I am allowing frustration to take control. This journey to simplicity truly is killing my flesh and I am able to see myself through my spiritual eyes and I DO NOT like what I see. My Heavenly Daddy is SO SO SO SO GOOD to me and I have nothing to complain about or be frustrated about. I had leg surgery while my lifelong childhood friend died this week from cancer all over his stomach. He found out just 3 weeks ago and he is in Heaven all ready. He was not ready to die, yet He loved the Lord and knew he was going to be with Jesus, but he was only 49 years old and wanted to live longer. All of us must learn that God knows best in all situations.  

I had to move to one bedroom and give away over 50% of my material possessions because they were important to me, but not to my Abba. Nor did they have a place in Eternity. Nothing is worth me missing eternity because of possible idolatry. As well as meeting people who really have a need, yet I am so full of myself and my household that I can’t truly walk out the heart of God. 

This is my first time in my 49-50 years of life that I have not had a washer/dryer inside my home; I could have one in this one bedroom but Holy Spirit directed me not to waste the money and simply walk across the path to the apartment complex laundry room. This experience will continue to kill flesh and build godly character, as well as increase an heart of gratitude. Our lives is not about being comfortable and living in selfishness every single day. If we are truly born again and changed from the inside/out, then it is impossible to remain the same. American Christians need to be very concerned about what God thinks about our so-called Christian lifestyle. The more I read God’s Holy Word the less I see His word being walked out in the average American church. 

This is a year of transition and change from the inside out and when the changes take place, our actions will be the evidence to those around us, not our words. Talk is no longer an option……only ACTION. 

Thank you for this time and thank you for reading what I have to say. I am no one except God’s daughter wanting to truly waste my life at His beautiful feet. So I am humbled that you would even have me in your thoughts. I love you!

Eseosa Nafula Rain Fire

Wasting My Life for Jesus


2 thoughts on “My Journey To Life of Simplicity”

  1. This is awesome… Continue to allow him to transform your heart. Simplicity looks different for everyone the most important thing is the obedience behind answering the call. This is just another day and another step closer to truly abandoning your life to the call of Christ. Jesus has never been concerned by material possessions. I think the issue is that many including myself claim to have a heart to love God but if He required that we give all would we do it? It’s two things I think about when it comes to obedience to God. Abraham and Isaac and also the story of the rich young ruler. Abraham was willing to sacrifice His son at the cost of obeying God. But The Lord had a different plan for his life. Sometimes test come to simply test our obedience. Then you have those where he says sell all that you have and follow me but because we idolize the things that we have we can’t do it. Are we truly willing to forsake security and comfort for the sake of knowing Jesus. It’s a hard reality to face but the REAL answer is NO. And the truth is we can not truly be a disciple without doing so luke 14:33


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