What REALLY matters?

In this journey of wanting to live in and through the heart of God, I can see that religious teachings has no place in my heart or mind. He literally wants me to open up and allow the Holy Spirit to teach me God’s ways, and His ways will always agree with what He has already written. I no longer want to be the person with my “plan A, B and C” just in case God does not know what He is doing. I have spend 23 years too long trying to become the word without first allowing the Holy Spirit teach/transform my heart. Where the Holy Spirit reigns, there is NO frustration, stress, bitterness, regrets, control issues, deception, lying, selfishness, pride and cycles of disobedience.  It is simply peace and learning patience along the way. In the end we must all look at life and its issues through the eyes of Eternity.  James 1:27 is what He has commanded us to do…………...Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. After we have played church, complicated life, placed demands on our leaders & spouses, justified our hypocrisy, lied over and over again,  and remained the same…..it comes a time in life where we must stop and see why God sent His Son to save us in the first place.  We have to take a long hard look at James 1:27 and in spite of the American Dream Church, what does a true disciple of Jesus really look like. God’s agenda will ALWAYS include LOVE, GIVING and EVANGELIZING. If these 3 are not evident in every area of our lives, then we need to be very concerned.

Have mercy on us Lord Jesus!

Eseosa Rain Fire

Wasting My Life for Jesus


One thought on “What REALLY matters?”

  1. Until we spend ourselves on behalf of the orphans and the widows our religion before God and our big brother Jesus will forever be defiled. Lord have mercy.. Help us to see the things that matter the most in your eyes so that our lights might shine in the darkness.


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