When We are Alone

Jesus is ALWAYS the ONE to talk to. He is transiting His children this season from depending on flesh to a place of totally depending on Him. I have 3 friends, same age as I am, who suddenly died last week. So I have not slept much because I am forced to deal with the truth that life is a vapor, just like God said and either I can keep wasting it by complaining and trying to get something from a person that really can only come from God Himself. Because one day real soon…..it will be my last day on earth, then what? Will I have eternal life or permanent death in hell? Do I really love God enough to look like Jesus inside/outside or is this a a hypocritical joke?
This is our hour in life to be real with ourselves and look God in the face and see truth about us.
In conclusion, talk to Yahweh Himself my dear Brethren because He desires you.
Love you!
Eseosa Nafula Rain Fire
Wasting My Life for Jesus


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