Not Today

Okay here we go my beloved brethren and friends! Hold on tight because I am on my soap box tonight. I had the honor of watching a movie called Not Today this evening and it blew my American made mind! Not Today is a life changing movie bringing the reality of human sex trafficking right into the viewers living rooms, kitchens, churches, or wherever you watch it on screen.  Kudos to the producers and to all the Men and Women of God who are actually taking action.

I wonder how any born again believer can  watch this movie and not want to do something, even if it means actually going out and ministering the Gospel to the Lost or sending money to help fund this necessary ministry or telling others & making them aware…..I don’t know.

But one thing I do know, we are in trouble as Americans. This movie really highlighted the “entitlement” attitude many of us have as Americans, and many refuse to even acknowledge it. But how can we not have some level of entitlement if we were born and raised in this country. In comparison to other Nations, we are very wealthy and have way too much stuff. Because of our comforts, we tend to water down the gospel in order to make ourselves feel better while ignoring the Great Commission.

I have read and will continue to read David Platt’s book “Radical” until my heart is transformed and mind renewed through God’s word. Davis ask the question “What Is Jesus Worth To You”? Well the Bible says that we should leave behind security, money, convenience, even family for Him; we should abandoned everything for the gospel and take up our crosses daily.  Is that the norm in the lives of the believers you know?….certainly not the norm in my experience.

We need to be challenged right now to consider with an open heart how we have manipulated  the gospel to fit our cultural preferences. What do the Gospel actually say about Jesus and Disciples?  What is the purpose of God’s grace in our lives? Why do we really need the Holy Spirit? Are we really being persecuted in America?  Do we really love God in His people beyond ourselves?

If we seriously believe that we are in the last days based on Bible prophecy, then why aren’t we moving with a sense of urgency. Its obvious that our nation as a whole is far from God and people are going deeper into darkness, including those in the Body of Christ. The Great Commission should be our driving force with love as its engine.

In conclusion, its very difficult for me to remain in USA right now because I have been exposed to other Nations and many other believers in other nations. However, I have to stay still until God releases me to leave this country. The bombardment of worldliness and carnality surrounds me daily when I leave my house and I have to fight for my life. The devil wants my soul, but its already been redeemed.

I challenged my readers to stop talking and start walking it out. Not a day should go by that we are not driven by Christ’s love to spread His Gospel.  No more excuses – – not today!

Eseosa Nafula Rain Fire

Wasting My Life For Jesus


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