Abounding in Knowledge and Discernemt

In Phil 1:9, Paul wrote to the church and said “And it is my prayer that your LOVE may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment”. And he goes on in verse 10 and writes “so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be PURE and BLAMELESS for the Day of Christ, filled with the FRUIT of RIGHTEOUSNESS that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.”

When Paul wrote this letter he was shackled in a prison in Rome. He had been locked up for 2 years for the gospel of Christ and many of his co-ministers of the gospel turned against him. They were jealous of Paul and refused to accept his pastoral care. They gossiped about him and ignored him. Yet through all of this Paul maintained a joyful and forgiving spirit.

During this time some of the so called men of God were preaching contention and division……but Paul had enough wisdom and discernment to know the truth and was not afraid to verbalize the truth.

We are living within the last days where 1 Timothy 3 is definitely in full manifestation. As a leader I have to pray daily to keep God’s love at the forefront of my heart in every situation. Some of the people I have labored with and taught the Word of God are living as if God’s word is null and void. We are definitely starting to see the falling away and people having itching ears. But we must know that it is written and it has to come to pass and we cannot take it personally.

Men and Women of God —– pray for one another just as Paul prayed for his church leaders and members. People we love will look us in the eyes and lie; will not fear God at all and other Christians will even urge them on, causing them to go deeper in sin; knowing they need truth. It hurts because we are human and the leaders I know in Body of Christ love deep and for real. They are truly living sacrifices willing to serve God’s people faithfully.

Be encouraged!

Eseosa Nafula Rain Fire
Wasting My life for Jesus


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