The Role of Blood Relatives In A Believer’s Life

We as American Christians have yet to realize the magnitude of service that we are called to. Without the understanding of God’s order with respect to those who are related to us by blood or marriage, we will undoubtedly become the victims of a continual whirlwind of besetting circumstances and setbacks. Most American Christians have developed a distorted view of the purpose for relatives.

Without respect of persons, Jesus declared the protocol on this issue without reservation. It was a statement made after Israel as a nation rejected the Messiah as Lord and King. To make clear that their trust in their natural heritage meant nothing in the sight of God—-rather it was His choosing of them that made them the elect of the earth as a nation. Jesus used His own relationship with His family to reveal Divine Protocol in the sight of God as it pertains to relatives. We must not view this with exceptions toward anyone. Dare we bring anyone into comparison with the honor and respect that is due our Father in Heaven.

While He was still talking to the multitudes, behold, His mother and brothers stood outside, seeking to speak with Him, Then one said to Him, Look, Your Mother and Your Brothers are standing outside, seeking to speak with You. But He answered and said to the one who told Him, Who is My Mother and who are My Brothers? And He stretched out His hand toward His disciples and said, Here are My Mother and My Brothers! For whoever does the will of My Father in Heaven is My Brother and Sister and Mother.

Matthew 12:46-50

It is clear that Christ was not ignoring the existence o relationship among relatives, but rather placing them in ORDER. We are admonished throughout the scriptures to honor our Father and Mother and to love and raise our children. It is within the scope of God’s Kingdom order that all relatives are not manipulating, dictating, or instigating the rule over ones spirit which belong solely to the Father. ONLY God, through His Son Jesus, can bring life and order in every facet of our existence regardless of who our family members are.

To their own detriment, many have assumed their salvation, identity and authority based on their natural descent rather than on the protocol of God’s Kingdom. Many American Christians are not walking out what God has called them to do because they love their
human bloodline more than their own Creator. Such ideas truly reveal the existence of deception and rebellion of the human heart.

We must be quick to remind ourselves that He is LORD of all and refuses to allow or disallow any of His workings in the earth to be subject to those known as relatives.

How many divine callings have been ignored, ministries forsaken, dreams unfulfilled and God given abilities found dormant due to a person who interferes through the means of blood relationships to oppose God’s will for ones’ life.

The question of who you yield to should be based on whose blood was shed for you, rather than whose natural blood flows through you.

When we died, we were divorced from all that is contrary to God, to be married to all that is of God. (Romans 7:4)

The ancestral ties of some families can indeed be very domineering to the extent that many people are void of their own wills to chose their individual path in life. This is unscriptural, as well as an unspiritual concept and must be arrested so that God’s messengers can be set free! Read John 1:12-13

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Eseosa Nafula Rain Fire


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