Tradition Has Become Idolatry

I love to sit and have conversations with Holy Spirit about His heart for my life and the Body of Christ at large, I see so much going on around me and presently it grieves me that Christians in my circle don’t seem to be too concerned with ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost or teach the truths they are learning about the Feasts that the Word of God teaches us to acknowledge for generations to come. If we are Gentiles who have been grafted into the Body and have the same covenant promises that God promised His chosen people, then we should want to know why God instructed them to do certain things.
This Thanksgiving happened to be the same day that Hanukah started and it was imperative that we recognize this time of celebrating the light of Jesus in the earth. Plus use the opportunity to teach other Christians.
But the truth is many continue to go along as if God is not revealing Himself. The next 6 days of Hanukah is very special for believers,

When I woke up Thursday morning, The Lord immediately sent me to the Prayer Room where I encountered His presence and love overwhelmed me. He called me to pray and fast for Thanksgiving day….wow, what freedom!!!

I was at ChickFiLa today and saw my manager friend Mike and he asked about Thanksgiving so I shared what I did and he could not believe it. This is a man who loves God and he finds it strange that I would spend time with God and fast on the world’s holiday. The look on his ace was stunned. Yet I was full of joy and got to share with him.

We NEED deliverance from idolatry and world’s system!

Sherry aka Eseosa


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