AirBorne Again

Ten days ago I was airborne…Nairobi Kenya to Paris France to Boston Mass and finally Raleigh-Durham, NC. It was the worst flight of my life physically. My insides decided to explode; maybe deep within I never wanted to return to the comforts of the USA. All I know is that my stomach swelled and a deep pain suddenly emerged and nausea slowly came upon me from the rear. It was an 8 hour flight from France to Boston and I did all I could to keep my mouth closed and my bottom shut tightly. Yet, my intestines had other plans.

My intestines, stomach, throat and anal cavity had a meeting and did not bother to get my consent. Little did I know that no matter how hard I struggled to remain completely still, praying that the pain and the impending doom lying wait within my body would just disappear; I could feel drops of sweat slowly creeping up the back of my neck and heat crawling upon my skin throughout my body. I prayed, listened to worship music, quoted healing scriptures and begged Jesus to intervene, yet….

Thirty minutes into the 8-hour flight a lump pushed it way up into my throat, causing me to sling the blanket off my head that I was using as a protective barrier from germs that other passengers carried, when in reality, the germs had already invaded my frail body and weak immune system.

I jumped up and ran 10 rows back to the nearest restroom and someone was inside of it with one other person waiting. I glared loudly at the waiting person and they knew by the look in my eyes, it was best if they simply sat back down and let me enter that restroom first.

As the passenger exited the one restroom, I quickly pushed my way into it and my throat immediately exploded causing my mouth to open wide and about a gallon of brownish liquid forced its way out of my mouth and nose simultaneously, landing on the sink, toilet, mirror, door and floor. This went on for the next 7 hours. Into the 7th hour, my bottom joins in, suddenly releasing the insides with force.

The crew members as well the majority of the passengers near me took cover, thus leaving me alone to die by myself. My mind knew death was near, how could it not be; I felt absolutely horrible and did not know why. What did I catch in Kenya? Did I have malaria, scarlet fever, the coodies, etc? What? Why? I cried out to God.

I vowed never to fly again and yet here I am……



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