Dreaming Alone


It’s well after midnight and I am wide awake. Why? Dreaming alone. Someone once said….”one of the hardest thing about this journey is knowing no one will dream with me because it’s too hard”.
I met a much older lady today who saw me sitting alone in the cafe at GOZ and calmly walked over to my table and asked to join me. I knew Abba was sending me a word or two. He told me through her that He is not on my time clock and because I am hidden in Him my body is not subject to time as most people know time. So I lie here at peace knowing that I sleep when I sleep and awake when I am awake. ☺️.
I am dreaming globally with my eyes wide open. Fearful of the unknown but confident in the ONE who knows ALL.

Akinyi Nafula Eseosa Rain…

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