Is Friendship Really Possible

When I love, I love hard.
Love from my heart deep within.
God is love and His love never ends.
Jonathan and David made a covenant as beloved friends til the end.
No biological blood between them, something greater bind them as one.
They loved one another has their own soul.
A love that only The Father can give; it makes you wanna live.
Words of truth shared between the two.
A loyalty unbreakable in the midst of death threats and rejection.
Yet they were one another’s protection.

God created each of us to do life with a Jonathan & David friendship.
One where no masks are allowed, trust is transparent and love is pure.

Never meant to be one sided, but its two to formulate glue.

Oh how I dream of a Jonathan & David friendship where there are no secrets, just love, acceptance and covenant.

If you have someone very special in your life i say to you….sincerely love them with God’s love and respect the fragility of the relationship. Praise God for it is because these type of friendships that will lead you to destiny.

Two God-fearing people can change the world as one in the spirit of God.



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