Frenetic means “uncontrolled, wild, unlimited,unrestrained,intense, ridiculous, energetic, extravagant, crazy……

Jubilee celebrate God’s extravagant Grace personified in Frenetic Favor. Can you feel this? Can you imagine what God is up to?

There are 12 Hebrew words directly translated to the word Favor, among these is the word “Shalom”….Amen !

Shalom is a deep Hebrew word which summarizes God’s favor for this hour. Together with its counterpart in the Greek, “Eirene”, it means Peace, Prosperity, Health, Wealth, Welfare, Well Being, Well Fed, Nothing Lacking and Nothing Broken.  

With all that being said, we must understand that “Frenetic Favor” comes with two faces—-Pleasure and Pain. We must keep Roman 8:18 and Romans 8:28 before us at all times. 

God’s immense outpouring of His extravagant, crazy, ridiculous, unlimited, unrestrained and uninhibited goodness is coming upon our lives. The road we must thread on will be rough, but necessary to possess our promise land.  On this wild journey we will discover the true meaning of “favor”.   We must position ourselves where the waves of God’s great river of Frenetic Favor  will find us and sweep u into new dimensions. Higher levels, unexpected turns, as well as times of refreshing is ours during this prophetic season.  The best is yet to come!

More Abba!



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