From A Son To His Mom

“We are all deeply flawed, more than any of us wish to admit”

My dear son, Ian Joshua Josiah, wrote the above quote to me at 1:14am this morning. It was a sentence in the midst of an encouraging note of Hope.
I am hospitalized with a parasite in my gut …. They think I got it while in Kenya…only God knows.

It’s during these times of fear, uncertainty and deep loneliness that we see that most people don’t have the extra time to spend with you when you are sick & immobile. It requires too much of a sacrifice.

I mean, it’s summer time and there is shopping to be done, weddings, graduations, barbecues, parties and vacations. Who has time to walk out Matthew 25:35 , James 1:27 or James 5:14? I mean, did Jesus really mean we should “DO” these things or will a quick prayer before we go to sleep be enough?

We are definitely deeply flawed and in urgent NEED of Jesus heart. It is during these times that His presence is in abundance. His breath is felt upon my neck and His hugs come when the pain is gut wretching & death is nigh.

He knew He created us to be there for one another, therefore we longed for another human to love the way Jesus does. It is only when we DESIRE mercy (Matt 9:13), that we can see the needs of others and those needs are greater than material possessions and pleasure. We can esteem others higher (Phil 2:3) than ourselves. Which brings healing in all areas.

I pray that we ALL urgently contend to be CONFORMED to the image of Christ and push beyond our own comforts and let His LOVE explode through us onto others.

Thank you Ian Joshua Josiah ! You are wise beyond your years because you truly fear God (Prov 1:7).

My prayer: Dear God I don’t know why, but You do. I shall rest in that truth.

Akinyi Nafula
Refusing To Do Life Without Jesus


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