Abba’s Love In Action

He heard my deepest heart cry as I lay alone in so much physical pain.
Abandoned I felt, but His presence overwhelmed.
What concerns you He says; just ask Me says He.
Show me Your tangible love my Lord.
This pain is hard to bear alone.
Then a faint knock at my door, love tapping softly but presence so strong.
In between my groans, I whispered “come in”.
And there she was, God’s tangible love, walking out James 1:27 with the biggest beautiful smile.
She hugged me, held my hand and then the unthinkable; only something that God knew I daydreamed about.
Suddenly it was real…..


This woman of God sat next to me and started reading words of life to me. One chapter, then another.
Hope stood up within and I looked to my Abba with a grin.

Thank you I said for Your tangible love oozing out of your selfless daughter.


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