Lying Limp In His Arms

Lying Limp In His Arms
Deathly pain dancing upon my emotions, causing emotional collision after collision.
No life insurance or assurance to pay the fine for what’s simply life’s time.
Walking, yet not walking, cause knees crumbling under me, no physical support….crushed by man and all friendship now in the wind;
Eye sockets stained with tears, grey hairs revealing the years of so many tears.
My heart muscles pumping blood like a flood cause pain so engrained that my eyes can’t see the rain.
Why so much pain?
Suddenly my spirit man erects himself and turns to my inner me and hands me an alabaster box.
Take the pain to the One whose love is stronger than death ….. Offer it to Him as pure worship.
There I lye, limp in His arms, worshipping Him with years of tears.

Honest Me At 50


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