Think of The Beauty In Everything Around You…..

Anne Frank said “Think of the Beauty in Everything Around You and Be Happy”.

Considering what she was going through when she wrote those words, she knew exactly what she was speaking to the world. I am learning in the midst of so much physical pain that God’s beauty surrounds me all of the time. I have to take my focus off the pain long enough to look up and see Him.



Its not easy to see beyond the pain you feel and look for beauty. Yet, there is beauty in the pain because the pain has a purpose. Pain always lead to a birth in the spiritual and natural.

On the other side of pain is joy. So I wait. Because my joy shall come in the morning.

I am happy. Happy to see the flowers in bloom;
Happy to see a large rock sitting there with no particular purpose.
Happy to see an old canoe resting next to a coconut tree.
Happy to see and hear the waves roar as I lay in my hammock.


Happy to see a turtle under water, enjoying an evening swim.
Happy to meet new people from a different culture
Happy to have the ability to scratch the fresh mosquito bite on my leg.


My prayer today is: Lord give me the grace to look up and see Your beauty in everything.


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