PATIENCE…….help Lord!

Patience is that which gives you the stability to become what God has ordained you to become. Patience is the best prescription for discouragement. Patience is a tremendous virtue. Patience will guide one through tough times with determination and a smile. But we must see our need for patience. When we begin to see our need for patience, we would also see the need to cry out to God everyday for help. It is only through Him that we can master the discipline of “being still and seeing the salvation of The Lord.”


Patience is confidence in demonstration; an assurance that all has to work out well no matter what. It is waiting with EXPECTATION. I have heard the word “expectation” a lot in this season os shifting and movement. I am learning rapidly that I NEED PATIENCE in order to EXPECT something great to happen. It seems like everything negative that can happen is happening. So much hate, division, death and destruction globally right now, yet our God is greater and we must know this deep down in our hearts.

But when what we see is totally contrary to what is promised to come, we have to honestly cry out to God that we need help. Help to see through His eyes.


Patience (waiting on God) is what makes us complete. True patience is developed through trails and tests as we wait for the promise of God Almighty to be fulfilled.


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