Dying to James 1:27

It’s been 11 months since I started my jubilee journey and God has blessed me to travel to three continents this year and to meet some amazing people. All I can do is say “thank you Jesus!”

Our LORD is so faithful. Words cannot explain how broken I am right now. This past Biblical year (New Year for me started 9/25/14) has been a year of self examination and allowing my mind to really search out my heart. I allowed the struggle to take place in my inner man.

I call it the James 1:27 transformation; becoming compassion, mercy and love, not just talking about it.

While in Nairobi Kenya in June & July 2014 visiting the orphanage I support, I fell deeper in love with God’s beautiful children. Please visit
http://www.happylifechildrenshome.com and see the amazing work Father is doing.

God also opened up a new ministry opportunity for me while in Kenya. The host home that I stayed in was the home of an amazing couple, Claxon and Carol Tudor. We instantly connected as Mother and children. It was like I had given birth to the both of them.

God has anointed them to rescue vulnerable girls under the age of 16 years old. They are presently rescuing girls from sex slavery in nearby villages. There are over 2000 girls who are total orphans. When I was introduced to this awesome ministry, my heart melted. I could hear God’s voice scream James 1:27 in my heart.

We have gotten approval for our own non-profit status in Kenya and I am the Vice President of James 1:27 Strategic Missions Kenya.

We have put a down payment on an acre of land because we MUST build a house where these precious girls can call home. The vision is to disciple them for Christ, teach them life skills, provide safe environment, education and showering them with God’s amazing love.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to pay the land off and start building the house. We NEED HELP NOW.

PLEASE go to http://www.GarnerPrayerFurnace.com and click on the “James 1:27” tab, then click the “DONATE” button.

Pray that 100 lovers of Jesus donate $50 each.

Thank you so very much and please pray for my team and our precious girls





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