Reality Check October 2014

“I would love to live in a perfect world, but I don’t. All too often my culture feeds the illusion that perfection is within my grasp. Even the church contributes to the myth and seems to suggest that dreams really do come true. If you follow the formula for right Christian living, we are told, you too can have the perfect marriage, perfect children, perfect health, the perfect home, the perfect career, and plenty of money. A conflict-free life awaits the faithful follower of Jesus. This myth is more widespread and much closer to home than most of us are willing to admit. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish Cinderella’s Magic Kingdom from the kingdom of God.”
Excerpt From: Carolyn Custis James. “Half the Church.” Zondervan, 2010.

The above quote rocked my world this morning as I sat quietly in the presence of God and thought about the thousands of young girls crying out throughout the globe right now….this very minute….while many of us in America spend precious time worrying about SELF and what we will wear and eat.

The truth is that we will ALL die and in the end ALL WE GET IS GOD. All we get is to come face-to-face with a living and Almighty God who will show us the true condition of our hearts.


This is what we ALL have in common – DEATH. We forget that the blood that runs through our veins is the same color in spite of our external shades. Many pretend that God does not exist so that they can do their best to ignore REALITY. Truth cannot be ignored!

The Word of God is The Final Authority and the life written upon the pages is all truth that cannot be changed. The words on the pages of our Holy Bible unfold each and everyday.

James 1:27 is the heartbeat of God’s infinite love. This life is not about us as individuals at all. IT is about “them”….not you…..but “all others”.

I say to the Lovers of Jesus “wake up” and reach, teach and love unto death!

I say to those who wear the “semblance mask”, this life is not about you and what you want. Its about helping those who cannot help themselves.

REALITY CHECK….life was never meant to be perfect, but to be loved by loving one another from God’s PERFECT heart.

Eseosa Akinyi Rain


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