“Selfishness is the greatest curse of the human race”…William Gladstone.

SELF-Preservation is defined as 1. preservation of oneself from destruction or harm. 2. A natural tendency to act so as to preserve one’s own existence.

My heart is so broken and my cheeks stained with tears shed throughout the night at the thoughts of how selfish people are becoming. Its not that selfishness is a new thing in the world, but to see so many men and women of God who claim to serve and love Jesus, walk in total contradiction to His heart and His Holy Word.

We all have it in our natural nature to be extremely selfish and murderous if necessary, but when we become born again and given the Spirit of God, then we have a choice.

2 Timothy 3:1-5 is very clear. In summary it says “men will become lovers of themselves, lovers of money, proud, without self-control, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God”…

God gives us His word so that we can see what is to come, and His word gives us the chance to reject those things that are not part of His Righteous character.


As I cry out for the heart of God and James 1:27 to fully manifest in my life, I find myself trying to reach out to share with other Christians and what I am seeing and hearing is gut wrenching.

I turn on the news and see the ebola crisis and most people are not really concerned about the thousands of children who are dying and losing their parents because of this horrific disease…….the concern is “keep it away from me and mine”.

As I reach out and request help for over 2000 young girls trapped in sex slavery in Kenya, over 90% of those I have spoken to are asking about ebola and telling me not to travel to Kenya. They don’t care that the ebola crisis is far, far from Kenya and that 2000 young girls are suffering and that God has given me a mandate that I must obey and I WANT TO OBEY GOD. He is my protector!


One of my son’s is an employee of Michaels Arts and Crafts store and he was telling me about how the customers literally fight over halloween merchandise and already purchasing christmas decorations…….many are “so-called” Christians who claim to be broke when it comes to the things that matter to God in Heaven, but have no problem celebrating the world’s SELFISH CONSUMERISM AGENDA.

Parents are literally taking their children by the hand and teaching them first hand how to be selfish and preserve self. We have given birth to a “I am entitled” generation.

I am asking all of you who really love God and His written word to pray. We need to PRAY HARD!

PRAY for God to break-into our hardened hearts and convict us of our selfishness and compromise. It is bad when Christians refuse to even say “thank you” when they are blessed and they teach their kids to do the same. I see this every day as I GO OUT and interact and engage people. I am learning so much on this Jubilee Journey about myself and about people and most of all about my ALMIGHTY GOD.



In conclusion, I reach out again because I will fight for these beautiful girls until the day I die. I am asking you and people you know to PLEASE take the time to give and help me help the young 9-14 year old girls trapped in sex slavery in Kenya.

Simply take 2-3 minutes and go to: and click the donate button and give.
OR and click James 1:27 tab and give.
Make check payable to KAEC and mail to PO Box 822 Garner, NC 27529

We are running out of time to secure the land that we place a bid on in Jan 2014 and the deadline to purchase is Dec 26, 2014.

Our girls need a home once they are rescued and we have over 30 rescued and hiding out for now.

Feel free to email me at if you want more information or if you would like to travel with me.

PRAY HARD for Americans and for the Body of Christ.

LivingThe Vapor,

Eseosa Akinyi Rain


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