Beautiful Art Is Trusted People To Share Your Ugly With….

It’s rare to have someone to truly love you simply because you exist. It’s beautiful art to have a trusted friend to share your ugly with.


As human beings created by a beautiful Father we all have negative and positive sides; ups and downs; good and bad; struggles, sadness, happiness, uncertainty, and the list goes on and on.

“We all carry around within ourselves a “cage of rats. The rats are our unkindness, our sin struggles, tensions our personalities bring, and our hardness of heart. We know these rats well”
David C Cook

We all have a inner desire to be loved unconditionally because God created us that way. It is through His unconditional love that we learn to love one another unconditionally.


On this journey I dream of the day to know what it’s like to walk out the Art of sharing my ugly with another human being who refuse to hide their ugly side and together we can display God’s beautiful heart.

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman of God sharing life with another BFF who loves God.

There is nothing more heroic and masculine than  a man of God to live a Jonathan and David relationship in this 21st century. It’s beautiful!


Pride is the enemy of such beautiful relationships.

Pride….the personality of satan himself; the killer of love.  It disguises itself through fake smiles, loose hugs and lying words.


Freedom to be messy is art, it’s beautiful art.
A safe place/person to share our ugly.
Redemption in the ugly of beautiful.

What I am learning is that I Am Beautiful in His eyes regardless of my ugly side. He continues to woo me and draw me into Him with my flaws and all. So how can another reject me and critique me when they did not create me.

“Disclose rather than be exposed. We will be exposed anyway when we see Jesus face-to-face. We might as well do it now.
Ed Welch,”

One of my favorite songs is called Dying Star by Jason Upton and some of the lyrics simply say “you got your best man on your front side; you always show your best side.  Evil is always on the other side, you say this is your strategy; son I hope you take it from me, you look just like your enemy…you full of pride” ………this is what the LORD said to Jason when he asked to be a member of God’s Army.

This song is so true for most people I know.  We say out of one side of our face that we want God’s heart, but out of the other side of that same face we are hating one another.

Why is it okay to think that your ugly is okay but everyone else’s ugly is not okay?  When we are all ugly/beautiful, a piece of God’s greatest masterpiece with the ability to be totally transformed by His amazing love.

Two Faces

Trusting people has been a journey since I was six years old.  It seemed as if everyone I opened my heart to ended up using and abusing me.  Being a leader in my local church I have learned that this is the same truth for thousands of people, but few are willing to admit it.

However when we truly encounter the love and mercy of God Almighty, He gives His precious Spirit to help us overcome living a lie.  He gives us life.  He teaches us to be transparent and to kick the walls down that really keep Him out more than people out.

It is my prayer that those who say they love Jesus will truly seek Him (including myself) and ask Him to help us face our own ugly/beautiful and we confess it one to another so that true and lasting freedom can began.

As long as our God is a living God, Jonathan and David friendships can exist.  Many of you may already have this wonderful experience, but for many like myself, we are still hopeful and waiting to share out ugly/beautiful with a trusted friend…..its beautiful art. Selah.

Praying and Hopeful


Eseosa Akinyi Nafula Rain



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