So Many Of Us Will Never Fully Relate

As I view the new video we’ve created highlighting the plight of so many orphaned little girls in Kenya, I can’t help but feel that I could never fully relate to their situations.

Most Americans don’t know what it is like to lose both parents before the age of 5 years or to become a parent at age of 8 years or to have to sell your body just for a slice of bread.

We will never know what it feels like to be circumcised as a 9 year old girl because its tradition and no man will marry you if you are not circumcised. The pain of an unsterile knife cutting away the clitoris in order to enforce virginity, also known as infibulation or excision. There are no doctors or anesthesia, just severe pain.

And when the procedure is botched there is a long life of pain and infection. Yet men will still pay $2 a night to abuse these beautiful babies. Many hare babies hey time they reach 14 years old.


When one is surrounded by so much comfort and convenience most of the time, then we find if difficult to have a global mindset which is God’s heart.

This is the first school in this village as you can see there are no school supplies, book bags or new clothes. It’s just one teacher with a passion to teach their future generations. They use what they have to write on and with, which is the red dirt ground. Only God can do this. Our organization started this school earlier this year in a remote village in Kenya.


I cannot fully relate but I can freely and willingly open my heart to feel the love, compassion and mercy of God. James 1:27 is the heart of my Abba and I will not make any more excuses. I must trust Him to order my steps and use me to be His image bearer among thousands of orphaned girls and boys throughout the world.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog and respond to this great need.


Living The Vapor,

Eseosa Akinyi


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