My 13×11 Living Space

The journey of Jubilee;
It’s not just about turning 50, but it’s about freedom.
Freedom from the chains of debt that control what you do each time you receive a paycheck.
Freedom from the American Dream (nightmare); the status quo.
Freedom from the opinions of others.
I live in a 13×11 room, yet haters have arisen and instead of encouraging my journey, they ignore my journey.
Is it conviction or jealousy?
I don’t know.
But I will continue the journey cause God is not done with me.
Deliverance is a process; a process of patience and pain.
I don’t need “stuff” to be happy anymore…….truth be told, it never made me happy anyway.
I don’t dress to impress people who hate me anyway.
I dress my heart to impress my GOD now.
Inner beauty is His masterpiece.
LORD thank you for my 13×11 space.

Eseosa Rain


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