My Mary Hannah

My oldest granddaughter is 12 years old and she gave herself the name Mary Hannah when she was 4 years old. She plans to serve God completely pure in body, mind and spirit, in spite of people around her.

Mary Hannah is an amazing little girl. She has such a tender heart for our LORD Jesus. It’s as if she tip toe when she senses His presence. I can see her facial expression when she is communicating deeply within with her Heavenly Father.

She always encourages me by simple hugs and she laughs at my jokes. The both of us have an uncanny sense of humor that we enjoy.

Mary Hannah with her Daddy Joshua, my oldest son.


We love being goofy together and singing our version of We Don’t Need No Education song. Her Mom hates our song, but we know God has graciously given us both above the norm intellect and we are comfortable with being ourselves. She calls me YoungMa; we are in agreement that I don’t quite age 😉.

I am an amateur photographer and Mary shows interest in everyone I do.

This morning I woke up in so much physical pain and I was somewhat discouraged with the pain. Then
Mary sends me a text of a photo she took this morning….


She said she was thinking about the lesson I taught in youth group on this past Sunday and how its important to watch God’s beautiful creation.

Oh how she blessed me. I immediately read Ps 63 and was blown away .

Mary Hannah is surrounded by materialism but somehow she is content to be 100% satisfied with simplicity. This is truly a gift from God.

I dedicate this blog to my 12 year old Princess Warrior…..Mary Hannah 😘.


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