Back In The Red Dirt of Kenya

To God Be The GLORY! What a Jubilee year this has been. I am actually 12 months and 15 days into my Jubilee journey and its a three year process and only God knows what transformation He has planned for me. I am definitely not the same person I was 6 months ago or even 3 months ago.


God’s beauty across the globe can change a person from the inside out, but we must be open to see Him in everything. I absolutely love Kenya and the people. I cannot speak the language or even eat most of the foods, but we have a kindred spirit. I feel at home.

Of all the places I have traveled…Thailand, Zambia, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Austria, Canada, Alaska, Haiti and most of the USA, I have never experienced such natural beauty in the midst of dust and dirt and chaos. Its life being lived every single minute of the day. I am learning so much about me.


Many asked me prior to leaving the US “was I afraid traveling alone?” and the answer is “no”, but I am afraid of some of the potential situations I may find myself in while trying to walk out James 1:27.

This is a trip I will do some tasks I have never dreamt of doing but know it is deep down inside of me; God placed it there prior to my birth. My biological Father was a Merchant Seaman and traveled the entire world for 6-9 months per year. I always knew I would do the same, but not sure exactly how. Then My Abba saved me and set me free and started me on a journey of brokenness.

And my son, Pastor Joshua Josiah has the same “itch”; he travels to Haiti often and has been to Africa, plus he spent his primary years in Germany where we lived with a Turkish family……what an amazing experience.
Now he dreams of taking the Gospel to Iraq, Turkey and places where most would not go. I am excited for him. WE WERE BORN FOR THIS!



I don’t know when this journey shall end, but until it does I will live this vapor with joy and peace from Heaven. I will see much pain and experience a lot of different emotions, but I know that is is all working together for my good.

PLEASE pray for me my beloved friends and followers. Pray for Strategic Missions James 1:27 Kenya.

Akinyi Nafula Eseosa Rain Fire


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