I Fearfully Saw him…


I saw him…..or did I REALLY SEE him.

Lying here trying to justify my fears of the reality I am living in right now.
I can’t get him out of my head.

I was simply one of thousands walking down a busy downtown street in Nairobi, on a mission about me, then I saw throngs of people huddled together looking downward. I needed to get by and was forced to walk right through the crowd and that is when I looked down as well and my eyes froze.

Fear and heartache gripped me at the same time. My feet froze as my Kenyan friends kept their rapid pace; its important to keep your rapid pace on the streets of Kenya, especially as a foreigner.

But there he was and how could I pass him by…….

He appeared to be 4-5 years old, because his height had been interrupted by the lost of most of his legs. They were burnt, crispy knee stumps.

He sat on dirty sidewalk eating crumbs from an unmarked bag while people gazed at him, some in disgust, some hurting and others simply wondering what happened and why was this little boy sitting in middle of a very busy sidewalk.

He was filthy dirty with matted blotches of hair on his burnt little head.

It was like a circus sideshow and I wanted nothing to do with it, but I wanted everything to do with him.

He belonged in a rehabilitation facility for children learning to live the life dealt to them at such a young age, yet he was a victim of a side show.

He could barely grab his crumbs because he only had half arms, using the stump to slide the crumbs up to his mouth.

I did not want to see him because my heart could not handle this…..

My eyes rapidly scanned up his tiny body to see his cracked blackened reddish, flesh like skin layering his head, face and neck.

His left eye was gone and I barely saw the right eye.

My heart sunk deep within my chest cavity and my stomach did a flip.

People kept gathering staring menacingly at him. My feet were like lead and I could not move because this was an injustice. I wanted to grab him and run.

But then I saw the shoe box off to the side in from of this woman, guarding it fiercely. It was full of money and people were still throwing money into it.

I don’t know her story or their story, but I know this did not feel right.

But I had to go…..in a foreign country where human suffering is all around me and its more of them than I could ever help.

I saw him, yet I did not perceive him.

I walked away angry and questioning God.

He was not meant to be a sidewalk show, but born with a purpose for God’s use.

Our God does not make mistakes, ever! So now I cry myself to sleep, interceding for this brave little boy.

I will call him Joseph….it means “God shall add another son”. It seems right.

Good night!

Living The Vapor
Eseosa Rain


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