On The Potter’s Wheel – Small And Beautiful

KAZURI….means small and beautiful in Swahili.

I visited the bead making factory in Nairobi Kenya, located on the affluent side of town. I heard about the amazing mission statement of this factory and wanted to go be a blessing to the hundreds of women and families it serves. And of course God used the opportunity to give me a lesson in His precious process and love in our own lives.

This mission statement tells the story of God’s love for us and His desire to love us and take care of us, if we would only trust Him.

During the visit we were allowed to see the process from beginning to end. The raw product looks useless and more like trash & dirt than something to create with. See below.

God created us from dirt and breath life into us and we became living beings. Wow! Genesis 2:7 becomes more amazing as I started watching the process from a different perspective.

We are disadvantaged when we are in a life of sin and darkness and God has a great life changing vision for us so that we can be restored back to the treasured vessels we are.

The pictures below gives you an idea of how enlightening this adventure was for me; I love to see James 1:27 become a reality. It is what “LivingTheVapor is all about.








It was amazing seeing the gifts and talents of the beautiful women of Kenya creating beautiful and precious stones. The firing process seem scary to me. They can only fire the molds overnight due to the heat that is generated from the process. I can only imagined when they come in to work in the mornings they get to see the colors, designs, and sheen of each piece. Its like God’s mercies being new each morning.

You and I don’t like the firing part of our molding, it’s painful and lonely. But if we hold onto God’s mighty hand and trust Him, Holy Spirit will help us endure this precious process. It is so necessary.

I am on the potters wheel right now and it’s turning and churning and it’s painful, but necessary. He places me in the fire one piece at a time, He is merciful like that ☺️. If He were drop all of me into the fire….OMG! I would jump out so fast and miss my inner transformation. Thank Abba for His divine wisdom.

I say to you all, hang in there, DO NOT jump off the wheel or get out of the fire. Your…..our…..latter days will be greater.


Eseosa Akinyi Rain


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