Tainted Waters

Water appears to be in abundance.
It flows sparingly from every faucet in the house;


I need it to live or my body will dry out and die; clay is like that.

I need it as nourishment.
I need it to brush my teeth.
I need it to assist in removing the red dirt from my chocolate body.
I need it to wash my dusty clothing.
I need it to clean and even cook with..
And I urgently need to to prepare my favorite drink…coffee.

But the waters are tainted; the natives can drink it, yet i can’t even digest it.

The waters can give life to some and accelerate death for others.

Kenyan water flowing in from wells and rain barrels.

Just one slip up and I mistakenly digest just a little while brushing my teeth could lead to extreme sickness and weight loss and even death.

Water…so abundant, so close, and dangerously tempting.

Off to the store I go, spending top money for the top freshest packaged water; lots of it to cover every water need.

Can’t live with it here in Kenya and can’t live without it here in Kenya.



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