Journey Interrupted

Its amazing and annoying at that the same time when God in His sovereignty interrupts my plans.

Proverbs 16:9 says “A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps”

I have been forced to sit still for a while and ponder with my LORD and a string of events led to this place of solace. The past three days have been days of interruptions, disturbances, agitation and flustering.

To say the least, my disposition has been quite anxious, upset and confusing to some. But its okay because My Abba can allow whatever He wants in order to stop me in my tracks and assist me in growing in His grace.

I am going to share a series of photos to assist me in sharing my 3-day ordeal, then I will explain the pondering of my heart.





Wow! Looking at the pictures puts me in awe of the goodness of God.

Picture #1 – I was bitten on Sunday by unknown spider or some sort. I thought it was a simple mosquito bite (not that Kenyan mosquitos are simple, they scare me); until it became painful, swollen and burning. I started feeling extremely fatigued and nauseated on Monday and i knew something was wrong. I was advised to go to hospital and fear gripped me because the average hospital in Kenyan reminds me of a war zone. Yes, they have some of the best doctors in the world, but there are more people than healthcare workers and people to maintain the facilities. But I could not ignore my leg. I am a darker skinned female and I have this swollen RED patch on my leg and its spreading…..Oh no! I have never been red anywhere on my body since birth 50 years ago. This week’s Journey has been interrupted! All plans came to an halt.

So I had my driver drive me for over 2.5 hours due to the worst traffic in the world, to the wealthiest side of town to receive care at their hospital. Upon entering I immediately had panic attack because of language barrier, non-modern equipment, etc. But I was treated like an Ambassador once they realized I was an American. It was confirmed that it was a spider bite and I was given meds; meds I have never heard of. I was there for 1.5 hours and went through the same procedures for an Emergency Room visit that I go through at home, except the staff was AMAZING from beginning to end. I did not understand the weight or temperature because they use a different measurement system. But I knew it was okay. The entire visit had to be paid in cash and it was 35000 KSH. Interruption!

I was told to go home and start meds for 5 days and rest. Interruption!

Picture #2 – So we leave the hospital and my driver had to make a stop and we pull into the parking lot and as I exit the car and turn to walk behind the car, my driver calmly tells me that there is a Baboon approaching and not to be scared……WHAT! Interruption!

One of my worst fears is being in the presence of any animal who has arms and legs like humans and and can walk upright. I find it creepy as hell and I will have nothing to do with it. Yet…..there it was…only a few feet away from me. This was not a good interruption, yet Abba allowed me to face this fear. My driver says to me “if he senses your fears, he will come and taunt you”. I immediately & swiftly walked backwards and entered the car while recording with my phone. This was definitely a photo recording opportunity.

Picture #3 – The Baboon finally disappears and we enter the building, only to exit the building to return to the car and a ways off I saw over 20 Baboons strolling along. Painful leg or not, I ran to the car. While sitting in the car with door open, because it was warm, I looked up and there is the ugliest creature ever….a Warthog. Now the signs I would see make sense:

I am pretty sure my bladder burst somewhat at the sight of this baby massive animal.

Picture #4 – My driver had left me to go back and speak with the person who was helping him and I was quickly back next to his side with my arm locked in his arm, shaking. He was unaware of the panic attacks I was having. Finally, he was done and it was time to head home. Interruption on the roof of the car! WHY GOD! This time it was my worst fear, a monkey. I DO NOT DO monkeys of any kind. Everyone who knows me knows how I feel about monkeys and their ability to beat me up. I have had dreams of them trying to beat me up. As you can see he calmly sat there until he was ready to leave and my heart slowly left my chest and entered my left thigh. I was discombobulated.

The drive home was exhausting because it was another 2 hour drive in horrible traffic and at one point we were caught in a flood area of unpaved road…….


In conclusion, I learned that Proverbs 16:9 is true and absolutely necessary. God’s ways are right 100% of the time and His Grace is always sufficient.

Thank you all for being patient with this blog; I had to laugh as I was writing it because my Jubilee Journey has been fascinating, captivating and riveting to say the least. I am learning so much about me and why I think and do what I do. Oh How I NEED Jesus in my heart; without Him I am a “hot” mess.


Kenya 2014

4 thoughts on “Journey Interrupted”

  1. Josh said the same thing, he was like “how many people can ever see and do what you do”. I have to remind myself how blessed I am and give God glory in midst of the fears and uncontrollable situations. Thank you for reading my BLOG and passing it on.


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