It Ain’t Easy Learning To Love Like Him

The lyrics to this song by Jason Upton are my heart’s cry this week. A few of the lyrics go like this:

I am learning to be a (Mother,Sister,Friend)…..but I really don’t know how. To be willing to care for others more than I love myself.
Cause it ain’t easy …….learning to love like You.
I am learning to love my neighbor and to live by the golden rule.
It’s so hard, I’ve been lied to, feel like a fool……it ain’t easy.
Cause it ain’t easy learning to love like You.
And I am learning to be faithful with the little that I have.
To do like Jesus and turn the tables… give it all and get nothing back.
Cause it ain’t easy learning to love like You.

God’s Word says in Matthew 22:37-39 – Jesus said to him, “you shall LOVE the LORD your GOD with ALL your heart, with ALL your soul, and with ALL your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: you shall LOVE your neighbor as yourself”.

What a powerful heart stirring word from our LORD. I find myself crying out to Him and asking “how do I love you with all my soul and mind when that’s where my greatest war resides?” My mind is so messed up sometimes and my soul is full of unstable emotions. Just when I think I may have this “holy, righteous and love lifestyle comprehended, then something happens and my mind and emotions come together to battle against my spirit man.


It’s at these times I see my desperate NEED for the grace and mercy of God every minute of everyday. I can do absolutely nothing on my own. I MUST be hidden in Christ or I will be lost.

In order to love with His love I must be willing to be emptied out and somehow that only occurs through suffering, heartache and pain. The process takes place as I do the hard things in this life. It’s hard to deny self so that someone else can live.

It’s hard to walk out James 1:27, but I am driven by this word. It is truly a living word in my heart. It escorts me to the mirror daily and I don’t always like what I see. But the need to see the truth about my inner me is necessary.

I guess Psalm 34:18 is necessary because it’s during these times that I sense His presence the most. He is near to those who have a broken heart and saves such as have a contrite spirit.

The more I let my guards (self-preservation) down and love others, the more I experience being taken advantage of, betrayed and lied to. It hurts and breaks my heart but I think that is exactly what God intended—because when I become stubborn and say “no more”, He gently guides me right back to that place of vulnerability and whispers “stop loving others with expectations, trust Me”.

He wants me to simply open my heart to receive the fullness of His life changing love. It is through His love that I am able to love others as I love myself.

It’s like wow! I can see myself literally hidden inside of Jesus, full of Holy Spirit and freely emptying His love onto others.


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