Do You Feel Like You Are Losing Your Mind?

As a believer sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind because I allow my emotions to get out of control. Its difficult to talk to so many other believers I know because they live in this fairy tale world pretending all is perfect all of the time.

However that reality does not line up with God’s word. The word of God teaches us that we will have much suffering, hardships, trials and tribulations. In this world we will have trouble and cannot escape it.

So its okay to let it be known that you may not be handling your problematic situations so well. If you cannot tell those close to you then tell the Person who will always listen and love you no matter what. He has the solution….

“And let the PEACE of GOD rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful” Colossians 3:15

Even though its true that everyone has hard and difficult days and weeks and even months; we don’t have to surrender to those emotions that try to steal your joy, disturb your relationships, and rob you of your victory.

Colossians 3:15 lets us know that the “peace of GOD” can work as an umpire or referee in our hearts, minds and emotions. When life gets hard and our emotions try to exert control over us we can stop it from happening by making the choice to let God’s peace rise up from deep inside us like an empire to moderate our emotions.

We have the Holy Spirit to help us every time and we must trust Him and call on Him as our personal Helper.


I want to encourage some of you, as well as myself…..when you feel overwhelmed, like you are losing your mind, just STOP a moment and deliberately set your heart and mind on Jesus and the Word of GOD.

As we do this, the wonderful, conquering, supernatural peace of GOD will rise up from your spirit and take control.

I confess over my life that GOD’s supernatural peace dominates me, in Jesus Name! The devil is a liar! We cannot waste another breathe of life being defeated in our minds and allowing our emotions to beat us down… is a vapor and we MUST live this vapor now!



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