Die Empty

I am a Missionary and I love living the James1:27 dream….”Pure and undefiled religion before GOD the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world”.

Because I don’t have access to tons of resources to help tons of people, I have to reach out beyond myself and ask others to donate money and/or resources. My opportunities and desire to help those in desperate need has increased, but I have noticed that the desire within people in general has become more inward focused.

People in general will gladly tell me their “need” to buy a bigger/better something, need to eat out more, need to go on a longer family vacation, need to pay for multiple sporting activities for their kids, need to buy more games/toys for their kids and the list goes on……while millions of babies and children die hourly because they are hungry,

I find myself saying more and more….I wanna die empty. Why? God created me and saved me to represent Him in the earth. My journey here is extremely short; in fact my life is a vapor…,fading fast.

Really! Any materialism, money or accolades I acquire means nothing when the vapor evaporates. So why would I continue to chase something and spend my life ignoring the needs of others, only to die without it. Selah

True joy and peace comes from giving my time, talent and money so that someone else can simply survive. God created it that way and we will never know its beauty until we try truly living the vapor His way.

God GAVE His only son…..He Gave!
Jesus GAVE His life for us…,He Gave!

We are suppose to lay down our lives so that someone else can live….there is no greater love.



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