Idolatry At Its Worst

God’s perfect plan of redemption is simply reconciling each of us back to Himself through His Son Jesus The Christ.
Yet we have taken something so beautiful and precious and turned it into something sinful and selfish. We want what we want, when we want it with total disregard of God’s perfect will for us.
The most important thing to GOD is our intimate relationship with our Abba Father and totally surrendering EVERYTHING to Him, not caring how He leads us.
He knows the truth about every faucet of our lives, our thoughts and our behaviors.
So many have “concocted” in their own minds what God’s will is in the area of male/female relationships while in habitual sin.

First of all, sin separates us from GOD; it is a total disregard for GOD’s heart, so how can we even trust anything we have concocted in our minds when we KNOW sin is active.
The devil has no new tricks, and I have found through much experience that the sins follow the same deceptive, manipulative pattern……lies, fornication, deception, selfishness, disobedience, hatred of any contrary voice, witchcraft, control, lust, gluttony, miser and pride.
This formula is a must to secure our own self will and to try to convince others that it is GOD. And those who walk in same demonic behaviors CANNOT discern that GOD is so far from such destructive mess.

The seasoned, skillful saints must pray for The Body of Christ, especially in area of relationships and marriage. The enemy is literally demolishing the future of GOD’s people, thus our divorce rate is as high as that of the world.
And many may not be divorce but they are spending their lives in constant turmoil, struggling and fighting, thus having no time to do what GOD created each person to do.
So the devil wins when these unions obtain their idolatrous prize.



Eseosa Rain


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