What if Life is a Sentence…..

The majority of my life I have felt like the words “Abandon Me” were written across my forehead. I have seen the backs of so many people walking away from me, never to return. I have more memories of backs than open arms inviting me into a safe place of love.
Living within my present journey has shown me so much about myself, others and life. I am beginning to think that life is more of a sentence than a book. What if we were really created and designed for a simple, yet profound 3D sentence?…..what if.
My perspective is definitely changing. I use to feel severe emotional pain when I find myself remembering all the abandonments I have had to endure over the years. But now I feel the ever present love of my invisible yet present Abba Father. He is right here with me, to help me navigate this short journey called life.

Maybe Abandon Me is my sentence so that I can firmly grip the hand of my Father GOD. I can’t seem to depend on other human beings to always be here, but my Prince of Peace is ALWAYS here.
We cannot be afraid to entertain the thought of what our sentence might say. But I like the perspective of a sentence vs a book; its less complicated and confusing for me.

When my sentence ends, there the period will be……just He and Me. Selah.

Wasting My Life At His Feet


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