This is a day of Thanksgiving….

I am learning,……slowly…..yet learning,  that when life becomes chaotic and there is turmoil on all sides, its time to STOP and do an inventory of thanksgiving.  I have a dear friend who always remind me that “God is still good all of the time”.  So today I am listing some things I am so thankful for:

Thankful for my new pair of eye glasses that arrived by FedEx today; thankful for my 13×11 room where GOD lives with me every minute of everyday; thankful for my son Ian Brandon who absolutely loves Jesus; thankful for being a female Veteran who is a victorious woman of GOD; I am thankful for an abundance of clean water to drink and wash dishes with; I am thankful for the cold weather and beautiful sunshine; I am thankful for Kara Tippets; I am so thankful for my eldest grand child who is growing up to be a beautiful God-fearing young woman; I am thankful for Elect Lady Tiffany; thankful for GOD giving me the grace and the courage to travel the world and love His people; I am thankful for mixed media art; I am thankful for Dobermans; I am thankful for coffee, especially espresso; I am thankful for my Garner Prayer Furnace family; I am thankful for the few people who love me unconditionally; I am thankful for the ability to read and write; I am thankful for my Mom who is 80 years old; I am thankful for free medical care; I am thankful for bubble baths and IHOP KC Worship music…

Thankful pic

My black and white electric blanket; early morning prayer with Stephanie; my TOMS shoes; my sore left shoulder that still works a little; my love for green smoothies; my really short haircut; my beautiful dark black skin; my slim figure; I am so thankful for my roomies; thankful for my Christian Counseling College course; thankful for my Art studio and art supplies; thankful for eyes to see and ears to hear and a nose to smell; thankful for my many earrings from Africa; thankful for my many children in Kenya and South Africa; thankful for Rufaro; I am thankful for JonathanCaleb,JusticeJeremiah,ElijahDavid;NehemiahMichael; I am thankful for healing each day as I grow in the love and word of GOD; I am thankful for the desire to minister to the lost and learning that Abba did not save me for my own selfish desires to be fulfilled.

And I am thankful for each person who takes the time to not only read my BLOGS, but some actually write comments of encouragement and that’s really cool….thank you.

I am so thankful to Jesus for saving my soul!

Thankful BLOG pic

I love you all and encourage YOU to seek the path of thanksgiving when nothing else seems to make sense.

Eseosa RainFire


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