Love, Betrayal and God’s Grace

I read these questions today at end of Kara Tippets wonderful heart wrenching blog:

What tears are you eager for God to wipe away? How has God’s grace met you in the midst of that struggle here on earth? Who in your life can you bring comfort to? 

When I think of her and what she is going through I feel like I need to remain mute forever more. Yet I know her desire is  to see others come into the knowledge of GOD and His amazing love and grace. And He has used her tremendously to help women like myself.

I don’t have a physical terminal illness but the emotional & mental pain of rejection, abandonment, betrayal, being lied to and misused has cause me to ask Abba many times to take me home. I have longed to have Him wipe my tears and that the pain would end in Heaven with Him. 

Yet His grace continues to meet me  in some very dark and lonely places. It’s so difficult when people you love inword and deed betray you just because they can. I read God’s word and I see its power to transform our hearts, so I know as believers we DO NOT have to hurt one another intentionally. We have Holy Spirit to help us love, support, encourage and pray for each other. 

I tend to love hard and give 200% to many, yet those who don’t give anything can drop a seed of division and malice……and BOOM! The exact same people you have supported when no one else would, abandon you. 

It’s hard to swallow when you know they read same Bible you do and say they love God.

Yet I must continue to comfort  and help the nice and the “Judas Nice”.  I sincerely want to keep comforting anyone the Lord allows me too in spite of the betrayals. 

I just want to do God’s will in this earth and not my own will.

Eseosa Rain


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