The Pain Cries Out To GOD


Open your ears, GOD, to my prayer; don’t pretend you don’t hear me knocking…..I really need you.  My insides are turned inside out; …..”Who will give me wings,” I ask–“wings like a dove?”  Get me out of here on dove wings;….I call to God; God will help me.   

Their words, which were music to my ears, turned to daggers in my heart……GOD!  Psalm 55 (MSG)

Most are afraid to confront the truth of betrayal and pain; I understand why, but nevertheless it happens and the pain is real.  

So called lovers of God hurt others with no regret, everyday, somewhere in this world—-no apologies, just daggers.

In Psalm 55 (MSG), David freely expressed his pain and GOD penned it in His Holy Bible.  Transparency is true freedom; it keeps the light shining upon the darkness of pain, closing the door to satan. 


My heart leaks blood of betrayal; my eyes release tears of abandonment and my thoughts reflect upon the truth of  betrayal’s nasty reality.  

Yet I see His arms wide open, beckoning me to approach.  His eyes stare at me non-stop.  He refuses to allow me to drown in my pain.  

He whispered to me this morning…..”I am givng you hope in Me; Joy in life and love for the lost”.  I said “thank you my LORD”.



Those of you who love well, thank you for your prayers and encouragement.  God is always good and we are always loved.

Eseosa Nafula Akinyi RainFire


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