Shedding Her Earth Suit

My Mom is slowily shedding her earth suit and its difficult to watch.  I am learning that GOD has His timing no matter what the doctors say or even the vital signs that ping from the machines.  

Vitals were 50/31 then after prayer and worship they were 88/40, then back down, then up to 119/71 and the roller coaster continues.  They say a few hours then she expires; now its a few days, but who really knows.


But the time is defintely near as Abba has spoken clear. 

Emotions run high, tears never run dry. My Mom is shedding her earth suit slowly and its extrenely hard to witness, but the thought of her doing it alone is unbearable.  

How does one say “goodbye” to Mom; my Mom was a “stay-at-home Mom” during a time when it was popular for women to pursue education and careers.  Most Mom’s in our neighborhood worked part time and full time jobs, but my Mom wanted to be hands on in our lives.  There were 6 of us with minimum of 2.5 years between each one and it was not easy.  But she was determined to make sure we finished 12 years of school and stayed free of any type of criminal actvity.  She was a strong, vibrant and firm woman.  She loved us closely and deeply.  My Dad was a Merchant Seaman who traveled extensively, but his job defintely provided for us and Mom made it work.

Saying goodbye is hard to do, so I won’t say goodbye.  I will say “see you when I see Jesus” and that is a definite.  It brings me joy to know this truth about my Mother. 


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