My Jubilee Journey Is Now An Adventure


This morning I made the first step toward a life changing adventure.  In the midst of the fears, apprehension, and anxiety, GOD spoke loud and clear.  He opened the gates really wide.  One of my earthly angels and champion, Mum Sarah Stein has been used by God in making this adventure a reality.  Her encrouagement and optimistic heart has blessed my “socks off”.  Thank you Mum Sarah!

The adventure began at 7am this morning and The Holy Spirit of God went before us and open gate after gate after gate.  While on the road to our desination  my daughter texted this word…..”Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.  Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your GOD is with you wherever you go”  Joshua 1:9.  I causally looked at the word and said a prayer.  As we were riding down Hwy 40 East, Holy Spirit had me look up and to my left I saw a gigantic billboard with the exact same scripture.  GOD was shouting His word to me.  I felt Abba wink at me as if He was saying “go girl!”. 

God led us to one of my favorite coffee places, which happened to be very close to the area we needed to be because we were not sure where we were…..another open gate!

We finally made it to the American Expressway, the road leading into the front gate of Fort Bragg.  My heart started pounding as we approached the gate.  It has been many years since I had been on a miltary base (post) and seeing the solderis and security, I was worried about anxiety coming upon me.  At the gate, the security police guy glanced at my Veteran ID card and waved me right through quickly.  Mum Sarah has been on the base (post) many times and never entered that quickly…..GOD opened the gate and gave us more favor.

I am finally here…..the “I Was There” film making project for veterans and active duty service members.  There are 13 of us and only two veterans.  Sitting in the room with a room full of uniforms brought back so may fond memories.  


I miss the military; I miss the unity and the cohesive discipline.  I have always compared my military relationship experiences with my experiences  within the Body of Christ.  I pray that my brethren in the Body of Christ would see the importance of Psalm 133 so that we can walk in such unity and cohesiveness.  The power of His Blood is greater than the uniform, yet we are far from representing His love within the Body.

This adventure has the potential to trigger some horrible and scarey memories for me, but I must face the giants of my past so that I can move forward effectively, as I advance God’s Kingdom globally. 

Each of us have experienced some negative things  while serving, yet we are trained to walk in determination, persistance and loyalty. 

 My first day was nervous but amazing.  I basically directed, produced and acted in my first 3 minute practice film.  I learned alot.  Each day we will learn more about film making and prepare to shoot final film at end of week.


At the end of today’s session I was a little more relaxed.  I experienced a couple of triggers today but quickly prayed and re-focused.  

God opened another gate of favor as I entered a nice hotel on post…….completely paid in full for the week.  The room is so nice…yeah God!

I can do this!  Through Christ ALL things are possible.  



This adventure will unlock some deep pain yet this adventure will open my heart wider so that more of GOD can get in.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  GOD has truly placed some amazing, selfless people in my life during this Jubilee Journey.  Thank you Jesus!!!!


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