Day 3 – The Adventure Continues

The word Adventure means to take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome.   This week I decided to take a big risk in hope of another dimension of freedom.  The road to healing and wholeness can be painful, but it’s necessary.  Facing my giants is the only way to slay them.

God’s Grace has been so tangible today.  I had to shoot scenes which required me to be in close proximity with uniform soldiers and the panic came with a vengeance.  Memories flooded in my head and my heart almost escaped my chest.  But Holy Spirit made His presence known. 

It was only an hour of shooting and editing but I was totally drained. I felt like I had worked eight hours of hard labor.  After the first session I attempted to go to the PX and upon entering the complex, my world started spinning and dread took over.  My emotions were all over the place but I was determine to allow the painful emotions to push me to my goal.  This is not just about me.  Others will be blessed.

Thank God for my son who sent me a text encouraging me, not knowing what I was struggling with. I could hear the voices of my many Mothers reminding me of who I am in Christ Jesus. And I thought of the brave families of the Charleston SC shooting victims and said a prayer for them. Once I stopped focusing totally on my self, the burden of fear started to lift.

As I went back to my hotel room to rest and prepare for the evening video session, I quietly reminded myself how much Jesus loves me.  I am never alone.  He will never leave me. 


Living The Vapor one adventure at a time!

Eseosa Rain 


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