When Jehovah “Sneaky” Suddenly Shows Up and Out

The word Wow! seems to be my word for the past 30 days.  My God and my LORD showed up and showed out suddenly while I was lying on my bed afflicted with a TIA.  It was not on my radar after all He had guided me to do since 2012.  But it was obviously on His radar and in His plan. 

He sent me three different beautiful souls to tell me that He trusted me and knew I would obey Him.  Wow was all I could say and still saying. The fullness of what has happened has not hit me yet.  I sense a inner brewing of a crazy praise that will explode anytime and anywhere. 

On Tuesday, 7/14/2015, I received 5 keys to my brand new 4-bedroom home.  A home I could have never dreamed of because I was so at peace in my 13×11 room.  God has met me in my places of sacrifice and giving it all away in order to simply have Him.  In the midst of walking my journey of simplicity, I have endured serious physical illness and His grace has been amazing.  I have overcome the worst betrayal in my life this year and Abba has assured me it was necessary.  

In the midst of it all, I never saw this coming, nor asked for it. My greatest moments were in the red dirt of Kenya loving orphans and enjoying my massive Kenyan family.  I have been captivated by James 1:27.

I thank God for all the people He has sent my way to bless me with everything I need. I literally have nothing to go inside this beautiful home and He touched the builders heart to give me stainless steel refrigerator, washer, dryer and blinds throughout.  I was blessed with two Queen size beds.  People have prayed for me.  Its  been so surreal.  My son is painting my house with bright joyful colors. I am so humbled! 


And thank you to all of you.  My jubilee journey would not be the same without YOU. 

Humbled on Bended Knees,



2 thoughts on “When Jehovah “Sneaky” Suddenly Shows Up and Out”

  1. Sherry, Such wonderful news about your house. I wish you every blessing and joy as you enter this caring abundance in your life. Love, Sarah

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  2. It’s in place of trust we see the hand of God. May you continue to walk in the blessings of Abba. In all things honor and magnify Him. Congrats on your new home but most importantly congrats for the peace you have and the heart that if God said give it all up, you would!


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