I am learning; daily I learn. 

I am learning surrender can be sweet when we abandon our agenda and simply let God be God.

God’s ways are amazing and cannot be controlled by man. Though we try but to no avail.

I believe frustration, stress and striving only exist when we cannot control our circumstances and when our idols are more desirable than God.

It is God’s TRUTH that exposes our inner motives. 

We try to hide but we cannot hide from God.

Surrender is inevitable when you love God and desire His Son Jesus as your LORD. 

Some carnal person once told me “do you”…….horrible advice.  The worst thing I could ever do is myself. I must die to me so that I can live for Him. 

Surrender is not about me at all; it’s about living in such a way where I am completely hidden in Christ. 

LORD help me to humble myself and surrender to you in all of my ways.


Bended on blistered knees


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