When Others Sincerely Celebrate You….

Today was so special in so many ways.  First of all I was able to have my new home dedicated back to the Lord.  I truly thank God for what He has done.  It was ALL Him. But even more special and amazing to me was the fact that I looked up and realized I was surrounded by some wonderful people who truly loved me for me. They were sincerely celebrating with me and fueling the atmosphere with so much love. The live worship with Susan Valles was AMAZING! We felt God all over us. 

This is truly a new season (8/1/2015) and new beginning for myself and many others. The past few years I found myself surrounded by critical, jealous, broke, and life draining individuals.  The more I read God’s word the more I saw that this was not God’s will for His children. It was time to confess and repent and let God prune me. It has been painful but so necessary.

This new journey is exciting and I must trust God and remember His faithfulness over the years.

I am humbled and thanking God for the great people He has surrounded me with. I thank Him for Tiffany, my beloved daughter, being a great hostess today. She is so gifted. I thank God for Veronica Evans who performed a house dedication like I have never seen……wow! I thank God for Joshua and my other sons who did parking duties in order to respect my new neighbors. I thank Jesus for the wonderful, loving and generous guests who took the time to show up and spread God’s love. 



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