My heavenly Father has me on this amazing journey and it is catapulting me into a relationship with Holy Spirit that I could have never orchestrated myself.  He is using the most amazing human beings to come alongside and articulate my Abba’s heart.  The earlier portion of 2015 was full of betrayal, heartbreak, deception and abandonment, but what the devil meant for bad God has truly make it all good.  The pain was worth it because it clear the path for me to see what His love really looks like when coming from His chosen vessels.

In His sovereignty He has reconciled a relationship with a very special person I have always admired and have missed her dearly.  Since talking and spending time catching up, it’s like we have not been absent from one another’s life for the past six years; Abba has simply merged our hearts together again with His Word being our common bond.  Today He used her to remind me who I am in Christ and to tell me the truth about where I am and where I should be.  It was definitely confirmation and the truth brought definition to the many dreams I have been having. I thank God for her spiritual maturity and her desire to see me overcome the past and press beyond the mess.  She is the type of person who can love and encourage you and not be jealous of you at all.  She literally thrives off the idea that people are being blessed and used by God.  And she is a giver for real.  I thank God for this journey and my beloved Sis and Friend.


There is more……Abba allowed me the awesome opportunity to reconnect with my beloved daughter (I hate the term step-daughter), who is 35 years old now.  I am no longer married to her Father, but I was her Mom for the majority of her teen years and I have missed her dearly.  I am so proud of her. She reluctantly joined the Air Force upon graduating High School per my persistence, and she excelled while serving.  She fell madly in love with Jesus and God has blessed her with an amazing husband and beautiful daughter. She is truly a godly woman and an example to many other young women. I look forward to flying out to CA and meeting my granddaughter and son-in-law. She reminded me this evening the role I played in her life. To God be the GLORY!

Thankful pic

Sometimes when we become entangled in situations with folk who really don’t like us and all we hear is their complaining, negativity and them taking and taking from us….we easily forget that we are special and that God can and will use us to make a difference in the lives of others.

I thank God for “His wind beneath my wings” right now.  It is truly a time to rise up and totally trust God to use us in the midst of the chaos in this wicked world.  We NEED to be surrounded by saints who are movers and shakers for the Kingdom, and not entertainers craving attention and applause.

My prayer is “LORD Jesus open our hearts to the new things You are doing and give us the grace to get rid of the old wine and the old wine skin.  Destroy the ungodly soul ties and destroy the lies we have been told.  Unveil our eyes to see the truth for what it is, regardless of who or what.  Thank You Lord, in Jesus Name”.

On Bloody knees,

Eseosa RainFire


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