Greetings my beloved followers. It has been a long time since I have blogged. God has had me on a journey of healing, self-examination, spiritual growth, and overseas traveling. In the midst of this wonderful journey, I had a knee surgery and due to have another one within couple of weeks. I have started exercising daily and aggressively in hopes of fulfilling my dream of competing in a Body Building contest one day…🤔☺️.  Still juicing my delicious fruit and veggies daily.

I have completed my courses as a Certified Christian Counselor and God graced me to complete my Certication as a Christian Life Coach. I am now in midst of studying in the area of my niche. Which really surprised me when Holy Spirit revealed it to me….I will be a Wellness Health Life Coach by mid April.

I returned from Belize four days ago and what a wonderful quiet time in paradise with my Abba. I saw a lot of my ugly beautiful, yet I was safe in His presence to release it to Him.

I don’t wanna say too much about this…..but a business dream of mine is about to become a reality. I will get to financially bless so many other non-profits who are making great strides in helping others. I will share more soon.

Future travels: Isreal, South Africa, China and coffee farms in South America. 

My dog: I have a 8 month old Doberman named Righteous Shalom and she has been such a fun hoot. 

Books I am reading:

Business Secrets From the Bible by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Invitation into Silence and Solitude by Ruth Barton

I solicit the prayers of those of you who sincerely love and fear our mighty God. 

I love you all and thank God for you taking time to read my blog.

SHOUT OUT TO: Tiffany for her perseverance and Esther for her authentic love for Abba. 
Eseosa Rain Fire

Living Life on Bended Knees


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