Silence is killing God’s people

Silence is the enemy of truth.  My heart is sadden at the deception and spiritual death of so many of God’s young people.  One of the main causes is that so many over the age of 35 are compromising and afraid to speak the raw truth  and then get out of God’s way. They are not setting themselves apart and living by example.

Many justify their compromise in the name of love, yet Jesus definition of love has never been compromise and the condoning of sin and more sin.  When we read the Gospel we clearly see His stance and the words He spoke to those who wanted to do their own thing.  At this point all I can do is pray for the veils to be removed and the truth exposed.  I am presently being persecuted because of my refusal to remain silent while so many believers misrepresent God’s word and twist scripture to support sin.

Many Spiritual leaders appointed by God ( or they would not be in the position), are trying to simply teach the heart of God and live a transparent life of righteousness. Yet rebellious followers are complaining and making accusations because compromising voices have convinced them that they need more than the Gospel of Jesus to have fun. 2 Timothy 3 is in full effect.

I personally believe that the Gospel is enough all by itself and it is the power of God to truly save souls.  It is time to stand up and speak out.  We must pray for our leaders who sincerely love Jesus.

If we spent more time walking out Christianity 101……winning souls, we would not have time for all the foolishness and rebellion.  Selah!



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