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Jesus gave His life on the Cross so that we could be born again and live a life free of the control of the god of this world, satan.  Satan and sin has no more power over us. If we are truly born again, we become slaves to the righteousness of God.

Are we really born again or are we gravely deceived?

When the Spirit of God truly gets a hold of an individual, their whole body becomes seasoned with a divine likeness of God and we become vessels of honor, being conformed to the image of Christ.

Our lives are no longer lived for ourselves because the Spirit of the Living God takes hold of us and He leads and guides us to be His marvelous light upon the earth.  We become living salt,  bringing change wherever we go.

When we live in the Spirit, we are subject to the divine power of God, but he who lives for himself will die and have no power.

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Are we really born again or are we totally deceived?

Jesus died so that we could live.  He chose us and saved us so that we could spread the Gospel of the Kingdom to the millions of people who are still lost and on their way to hell.  

If we are saved, then why aren’t we PASSIONATELY and ACTIVELY taking the Gospel beyond the church walls and our homes?

Why are we powerless against the enemy? All he needs to do is whisper foolishness in our ears or give us a aching arm and we become helpless.  Stopped dead in our tracks!

Why do we walk past hundreds of people everyday and never share the Gospel of freedom and love?   Instead we worry about offending people or maybe we just don’t give a crap about God’s most beloved ones.

Why do we look for more reasons to gather inside the church walls (other than Sundays and Bible study nights) with other believers who really don’t need another word, they need to walk out what they have already been taught?

And we come to church gatherings in empty cars, not wanting to gather sinners and compel them to come with us.

Why don’t we take advantage of opportunities to go into neighborhoods and simply encourage and love on God’s people on a Saturday morning or another day where we have free hour or two, instead we watch Netflix or find a reason to eat more food?

When was the last time we took our children out to the streets with tracks, Bibles and God’s love?  We are suppose to train them, but we are really training them to serve Babylon if we would tell the truth on ourselves.

IF we are really born again….new creatures in Christ….

Why are we perfecting the entertainment programs inside the local church, yet not preaching and teaching the totality of God’s word?  People still living in sin and powerless.

Why are we continuously being distracted with people who really don’t want God and we are trying to make them love God? While the lost continue to grow in numbers.

We are deceived my Brothers and Sisters! This word does not apply to every believer, because there are a FEW living as a bright light everyday, full of gratitude, joy, peace and God’s love.  BUT there are many more  not doing anything but being religious and denying the power of God.

James 1:27 is what pleases our God and if its not apart of our daily life, then we have a problem with what pleases the God we say we love and serve.

We are here for His people to be saved! We are here to give every human being an opportunity to be reconciled back to God.

I BEG of you to read the Gospels and obey Jesus command that we become fishers of men.  I beg you to DO the word of God and see how quickly your heart will be transformed and overwhelmed with God’s love.  He wants you and I to experience the real  anointing of God, not our manufactured anointing that deceives us.

It is my prayer that Matthew 7:23 will not be our portion…..Have Mercy Lord God!

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