Fight or Flight – My Life 

The past few weeks have been full of fight or flight episodes due to an increased number of panic attacks. It seems that menopause can cause increase in migraine headaches and PTSD symptoms.

It’s like I am fighting for my life every 5 minutes….literally. If I slow down I will collapse and die. So I push ahead, leaning on the strong arm of Jesus.

In the midst of this lonely life enveloped in anxiety and unexplained fear, I sense His presence with me. My Abba is here. Right now, He is here.

I am sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops, in my favorite part of Raleigh. My face is burning; head tight; heart skipping beats; blood draining from my brain and stomach turning……yet I sit here and people all around, unaware that I am literally choking to death. 

My son is sitting across from me, yet the panic button keep going off. 

Abba knows and He sees. I am safe in His arms right now. Typing this blog is helping me to distract, but I am well aware of all the strangers around me. 

Dear GOD help me!


One thought on “Fight or Flight – My Life ”

  1. We know your heavenly Father is carrying you in His strong arms and looking out for you with His tender mercy and care. We love you as always and will continue to pray for you dear one, Mom Judy and Papa John


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